Nail the Callback and Book the Role.

Hit tight deadlines & submit stronger auditions without wasting time DIYing it with untrained family & friends.

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Audition Success Stories: 


How Actors Audition Club is Helping Actors

"You've changed my life! 

I can't picture doing this any other way. It's just very fun to work with you. We make a lot of magic!"

-Chris Sandiford

(What We Do In The Shadows, Moon Fall, Shelved, God's Favourite Idiot)

"They treat my audition as if it is their own.

I don't know what I would have done without them. It's like the universe knows exactly what I needed in every part of life. They were part of my success and they have been with me since day one."

- Jereen Ignatious

(Auto Shankar, Seethakaathi, Kaala)

"My agents are always pleased with the quality."

They work with you to enhance your performance, make suggestions, and never rush. Booking online is easy, even same day, and membership saves you money. You guys always make great suggestions...things that I hadn't considered before. It's just fun to play!

-Phil Luzi 

(Bad Blood, New Eden, Terrific Women)

"Always takes me to another level!

Way more relaxing, more comfortable and more conducive to how I like to work. I've been getting way more response from my auditions. Working with you has been sick!  

- Chris Robinson

(The Boys, Workin' Moms, Pillow Talk, Odd Squad)


Actors, does this sound familiar to you?

  • You spend extra time shooting with untrained family and friends as readers or you've had a reader bail on you last minute, causing you to submit less than your best work or miss a casting deadline.
  • You've declined an audition or missed a deadline and you often think "I wish they would just give us more time!"
  • You've spent hours of your life dealing with tech troubles of editing and uploading your files.
  • Your agent has asked you to re-record an audition due to poor tech quality or a bad reader.  
  • You've missed a big audition while on vacation or on-set and often think, "This always happens to me!"
  • You've been unsure how to play an action or beat in a scene and believe "If only THEY could just see my best"
  • You deliberate over which take to choose and often think "I just wish I knew what they want!" 
  • You haven't worked in months and wonder "will this acting thing ever work out?"

Ways to Work with  Actors Audition Club:

Shoot stronger auditions in less time versus DIYing it with untrained family & friends.


Get ready to submit your best takes, get more callbacks and book lead roles in your dream projects!

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Audition Performance Coaching


Our international team of Audition Coaches are available 7 days/week to help you rehearse and shoot your best takes in less time versus DIYing it with untrained family or friends.

Hello! I'm Joey Freddy Larsen!

During my 15 year career as an actor, I've been fortunate to book dozens of lead roles in tv, film, theatre, commercials and voiceovers.

Since 2017, Actors Audition Club has helped hundreds of professional actors just like you shoot thousands of standout auditions, get more callbacks and book lead roles in dream projects.

Are you ready to elevate your auditions?

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Are you ready to bring your A game?



Nail the Callback & Book the Role.

Hit tight deadlines & submit stronger auditions versus DIYing it with untrained family & friends.


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